About the Content:

The majority of the practices included here were recorded during a Live broadcast. There are also several pre-recorded classes. I'm VERY keen to receive your requests - drop me an email!

About Me:

Hey I'm Sara Paige! I teach movement & meditation in the Scottsdale, AZ area as well as virtually. I am a connoisseur of many styles of yoga, but my movement teaching style is largely informed by Yoga Detour Method led by Cecily Milne. Dr. Andreo Spina's Functional Range Conditioning and Dr. Moses Bernard’s Ultimate Spine course have both been instrumental in shaping my methods as well. I enjoy learning just as much as I enjoy teaching!

I am a Registered Yoga Detour Instructor, Team Leader for Detour Method Online movement education program, and manage the Detour Virtual Studio.

The cornerstones of my non-dogmatic classes are exploratory movement empowered by the practitioner, self-paced and functional breathing, thoughtful sequencing, mindful transitions, and somatic inquiry. My classes are infused with FRC principles which often reveals new layers of awareness to familiar asana.

My aim is to facilitate sustainable movement practices that foster curiosity and discovery. I prioritize function and feel over arbitrary alignment or aesthetics in the context of human movement. I recognize that restful and restorative practices are just as vital as rigorous physical practices, and my offerings reflect that diversity.

My classes are generally described as subtly challenging with direct & concise communication. My teaching style is approachable and light-hearted, while staying true to the sacred philosophies of yoga.

As I have matured, my own yoga practice has evolved. My personal practice is mostly centered around interdisciplinary movement exploration, meditation, and negotiating for space on my yoga mat with my spunky dog Tuffy. I am blessed with two children, Shelby and Sheridan. I enjoy the outdoors, adventuring and hiking with my husband Jeremiah.